23 Jun 2015

Big Brother is Watching: When Taking Cash From Your Own Bank Account is a Federal Crime

I read, with interest, the indictment against the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. This prosecution serves as a warning to C-Suite executives who, from time to time, may need to withdraw cash from …

Regulatory Compliance White-Collar
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16 Jun 2015

Civil Enforcement or Criminal Penalties – A Toss of the Coin

I recently attended a conference at New York University on “Drawing the Line Between Civil and Criminal Punishment.” The conference brought together scholars, practitioners, and government lawyers to consider the distinctions between civil or regulatory …

Criminal Defense White-Collar
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08 Jun 2015

Advance or Perish

For those who have been following my blog, it goes without saying that I have come to the conclusion that high-level executives are being unfairly targeted in today’s business environment. In fact, those who work …

Corporate Governance
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01 Jun 2015

A trap for the unwary: Emails

In our modern lives, emails and electronically stored information are ubiquitous. Few businesses could survive without relying on electronic communication, both internally and externally. In most of my cases now, emails comprise nearly all of …

Criminal Defense White-Collar
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